Sue Eisler: Deconstructed/ Reconstructed

June 16 – August 2, 2006

Press Release

William Shearburn Gallery is pleased to announce a solo exhibition Sue Eisler’s most recent work, opening on Friday, June 16 and continuing through July 28, 2006.

Eisler, who has already exhibited in two solo shows at the St. Louis Art Museum, is one of the most important and long-standing artists, living and working in St. Louis for over forty years. The beauty of Eisler’s work has always been her ability to re-conceive found objects into explicitly rough and somewhat harsh, at first glance, works that at the same time have an unmistakable implicit femininity and serenity. At times Eisler’s work embodies the notion of having the words on the tip of your tongue—one can sense the objects former use, but cannot escape the seduction of its current state.  

As an astonishingly prolific artist, Eisler’s ability to fully realize ideas and mediums allows her exhibitions to display not only the best of her work, but also those works which rest in the perfect balance between found materials and the artists’ hand. Her most recent body of work incorporates lobster buoys that she has taken apart, destroying their intended purpose, in order to create, through a process of reconstruction, objects which allude to a former life, and yet function as aesthetic beings bearing new life in their current forms. Of the works in the exhibition, each seems to have its own personality, its own history, and as such, when viewed in relation to one another a subtle and elusive dialogue emerges.