William Shearburn Gallery’s program is multifaceted. From the beginning, the gallery has served as an incubation + exhibition space to support and promote Midwestern artists. The gallery helped foster the careers of numerous artists based in and around St. Louis including Michael Eastman, Sue Eisler, Sarah Frost, Kit Keith, Tim Liddy, Andy Millner and Cayce Zavaglia.

The gallery has also been committed to the exhibition of a group of established artists including Donald Baechler, James Drake, Caio Fonseca, Joe Havel, Catherine Howe and Bernar Venet. This program is supplemented by survey and group shows that investigate current themes in contemporary art within historical contexts.

Additionally, the gallery maintains a keen interest in the Secondary Market, actively engaging in the Post-War period with a specific interest in Abstract Expressionism, Color Field, Pop and Minimalism. The gallery advises and assists collectors and institutions in the acquisition and sale of artworks, including the logistics of storage, conservation, framing and shipping.

William Shearburn Gallery has mounted over 100 exhibitions, exhibited in over 100 art fairs and sold over 4500 works of art. Suffice to say, the gallery has established itself as an integral part of the fabric of the visual arts community in the Midwest and well beyond.