Dan Gualdoni: Recent Paintings

January 13 – February 11, 2006

aer/Eire Series #100, 2005

Mixed Media on Board

17 x 15 inches

Press Release

William Shearburn Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of the most recent work from Dan Gualdoni’s aer/Eire Series, opening on January 13 and running through February 11, 2005.

As a follow-up to his 2004 exhibition, Gualdoni has revisited the ambiguous, eerie, and at-mospheric landscapes of Ireland. In doing so, he has rendered a completely different grouping of elegantly encrypted vignettes capturing a different time, depth, and feel. If the former works were the embodiment of fall, the newest works contain all of the awakening energy of spring -- moments of clarity intertwined with delirious anticipation. Gualdoni has anchored his swelling, billowing sky-scapes by creating a greater field of depth, pushing away many of the preciously built up layers, in order to reveal the cliffs, mountains, and waters previously obscured. Equally intriguing, the new works possess a glowing quality that lifts the mood and tone of the work, while at the same time, curiously draws the viewer’s eye upwards, engaging the viewer in that which so predominated his previous works--the layered and mysterious atmosphere.