October 11 – December 23, 2016


Untitled, 2015

Acrylic on canvas

40 inches in diameter 

Al Held

65-A5, 1967

India ink on paper

22 1/2 x 35 inches

Andrew Millner

White Rose, 2016

Acrylic and pigment print on kozo paper

40 x 28 inches

Andrew Millner

Black Rose, 2016

Acrylic and pigment print on kozo paper

40 x 28 inches

Press Release

William Shearburn Gallery is pleased to announce Black/White, a group exhibition. The exhibition will open with a reception on November 11 and will remain on view through December 23. 

The exhibition will feature a diverse group of artists, consisting of a vast range of mediums, united by one commonality - the use of a color palette of black and white. 

Black and white have traditionally been considered opposites, scientifically defined as the sum of all colors and the absence of all colors and to some considered the two non-colors. To artists, however, the duo of black and white opens up a whole world of endless possibilities of visual and conceptual interpretation. From subtle tonalities to bold contrasts, black and white allow artists to capture a moment, create mood, and express or suggest meaning. Simultaneously, they can also function as an effective language for minimalism and abstraction. 

Artists presented are Donald Baechler, Louise Bourgeois, Alejandro Diaz, James Drake, Michael Eastman, Sarah Frost, Joseph Havel, Al Held, Catherine Howe, KAWS, Robert Kelly, Peter Sarkisian, Dean Kessmann, François-Xavier Lalanne, Joanne Lefrak, Tim Liddy, Agnes Martin, Andrew Millner, Robert Motherwell, Allison Rossiter, Jay Shinn, Toadhouse and Bernar Venet.