Andrew Millner: Biophilia

December 1, 2006 – January 6, 2007

Press Release

William Shearburn Gallery is pleased to announce Biophilia, an exhibition of new works by St. Louis artist Andrew Millner.  This exhibition will open with a reception for the artist on Friday, December 1 from 6 to 8 pm and continue through January 8, 2007. 

Andrew Millner’s current work focuses on Biophilia, defined literally as the attraction to living things.  Like a botanist, Millner catalogues actual plants, painstakingly recreating them digitally by hand.  His meticulous consideration of the minutia of plant life is reflected in the endless, sinuous shapes of his leaves, branches, and flowers.  The garden and the tree are reduced to their essential outlines, resulting in highly aesthetic networks of pure bold color.  Thus, Millner’s lattices of foliage illustrate a complex simplicity mirrored in nature by the plethora of botanical forms.  As traceries of the natural world in its most candid and modern incarnation, the works connote renewal and vitality by perennially bringing the outside indoors. Millner’s drawings offer a fresh vision of the landscape, indelibly capturing the ephemeral details of leaves, limbs, and petals.

Since graduating from the University of Michigan in 1989, Millner has exhibited regularly in St. Louis, Chicago, New York City and Los Angeles.